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Guy's Product Pick: Presonus Studio One Series

“Hello. My name is Guy, and I’m a Cubase addict.”

That was me, one year ago. If you’d told me that within a year I would have dumped the worlds premier DAW software for its younger, sexy cousin I would have had you confined to a psychiatric institute.

Not many people love Cubase more than me. I’ve produced hundreds of songs and mastered several albums using it. Despite my obvious allegiance, the lovely folks at PreSonus offered me the opportunity to test out their new software – Presonus Studio One. I doubt Steinberg were trembling in their Birkenstocks. I’d given all industry leading DAW software a chance to impress me, but they all failed on various counts.

Studio One felt instantly familiar. Its GUI and layout are reminiscent of Cubase, but its smooth, flowing movement and efficient, organised sleekness make it feel like Cubase-from-the-awesome-future. In the interests of analysis (and because I hate being wrong) I tried desperately to break the thing, but you can’t. Presonus Studio One is more solid than George Foreman’s big, muscular chin. I’ve experienced just 2 crashes so far – both while accidentally unloading a RAM-heavy instance of Kontakt while it was running – pretty forgivable. In comparison, 2 crashes a day was pretty normal in Cubase-world.

To summarise, I have witnessed a DAW software virgin record, edit, mix and master a song in the same day as opening the Studio One box.

This is obviously one amazing bit of kit. It’s a doddle to use, looks spectacular and works beautifully.

Click HERE for a closer look at Presonus Studio One Professional.

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