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Red Dog Music Presents… Markbass Amps

We’re very excited to announce our brand new range of Markbass amps and we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up all 8 of them for you to have a wee look. So; ladies, gentlemen, music heads, dog lovers and bass fiends – we ask you, how low can YOU go with a Markbass amp?

Markbass Traveler 102P

One of the smallest and lightest bass cabinets going – ideal for, well, travelling around, I guess. It’s all in the name, see? With two 10 inch speakers to boot, the Traveler 120P is the perfect amp for club gigs and it appears to sound at its punchiest when paired with the Traveler 151P for that unbeatable full range sound.

Markbass Standard 104HF

The Standard 104HF is (wait for it) a standard bass guitar extension cabinet, featuring four 10 inch speakers. So, a fair whack louder than the Traveler 102P but still as incredibly lightweight. Thanks to the 104HF‘s neodymium speaker technology, you can easily avoid breaking your back when trying to carry this amp between gigs.

Markbass Little Mark 3

It all started with the Little Mark II, which achieved international fame when it won Best Bass Head in the Bass Player Readers’ Choice Awards. Consequently, the critically acclaimed Little Mark 3 has landed, and it’s even better than its famous predecessor. The new DI output features a pre-post EQ switch and output level control, meaning you can optimize the signal you send to the mixer or recording unit. Despite being a monster sound-wise, it’s still only little – so, very compact and very portable.

Markbass Minimark Combo

The Minimark is the ultimate hi-powered, portable, lightweight bass combo. Not only does it look ace, it sounds like a bass player’s dream come true. It can bust out a whopping 150 watts on its own and up to 250 watts when paired with an extension cab (the 104HF, for example). Again, it uses neodymium speaker technology, so it’s not too heavy and is the perfect amp for rehearsing, practising and teaching. Covers most basses then (whey).

Markbass Little Mark Tube 800

Another bass amp head, this time under the moniker Little Mark Tube 800. What makes this amp special is it solves the “tube or solid state” issue that many of you will have faced in the past. Well, fret no more – the Little Mark Tube 800 features TWO bendable preamps, allowing you the warmth and richness of a tube preamp OR the clean attack of a solid state preamp. Or, if you’re feeling saucy, you can have a mix of both. Sorted.

Markbass Traveler 151P

The Traveler 151P is the perfect companion for a number of other cabinets, namely the Traveler 120P and all of the Standard series bass cabinets, such as the 104HF. Again, it’s one of the smallest AND lightest bass cabs on the market, combining both power and professional sound into a very practical and affordable package. As far as club gigs and stacks go, the 151P is a pretty safe bet.

Markbass CMD102P

The CMD102P is the most majestic of our Markbass range. It’s a completely versatile 400 watt bass amp combo that is perfect for almost any situation that a bass player could find themselves in. The Markbass CMD102P features an angled cabinet design, so it can be used the same as a floor monitor. It includes built-in filters that give it a really lovely warm, natural sound. Stick another cab on top of this one and you could easily fill a big venue, with headroom to boot.

Markbass Mini CMD121P

Last but not least, we present the Mini CMD121P. This bass combo contains a lot of the same features as the CMD102P… it’s just a little bit smaller and more suitable for small club gigs, studio and rehearsal use. Thanks to its onboard filters, it still maintains its signature warmth and natural sound, making it a strong competitor for a Markbass favourite amongst jazz and acoustic bassists.

A good-looking bunch, aren’t they? In a nutshell, Markbass amps are a very unique range of amps with sound, portability and originality in mind. If you want to come into the shop to try one out, they’ll be here waiting…

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