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An Interview with Vintage Trouble.

Live-wired, straight-shootin’, dirty-mouth’d pelvis-pushin’ juke music. Say hello to Vintage Trouble…

How did you come up with your name?

Vintage trouble is part of the lyrics to our song ‘Blues Hand Me Down’. Ty wrote the lyrics and we loved it as a band name.

Describe your musical style in three words.

Soul, rhythm, blues.

Best and worst descriptions of your music so far?

Nalle Colt: The worst has to be ‘funk’ band. The best has to be when one of our fans said: “You made me listen to music again.” That’s pretty cool.

Rick Barrio Dill: Yeah, funky has to be the worst. As far as best goes, I love that someone told us we were like Led Zeppelin crossed with Otis Redding and the Stones.

Richard Danielson: I’m not sure about the worst but I quite like it when people call us funky.

Ty Taylor: It always excites me when people say our music makes them want to have sex. The worst description was when someone told us that we were a mix between Annie Lennox and Living Colour. I love both those bands but that comment really confused me.

Favourite tunes/albums at the moment?

Nalle: ‘Minor Swing’ – Django Reinhardt (from ‘Django in Rome’)

Rick: ‘If You Need Me’ – Solomon Burke

Richard: Little Richard’s Greatest Hits.

Ty Taylor: ‘Love Country Style’ Ray Charles

How do you go about writing a new tune?

Nalle: I usually base it on a guitar riff or a rhythm pattern.

Rick: If not a riff, Ty is great at pulling melodies out and or jumping on something we are kicking around as a band. It comes from any and all shapes and directions.

Richard: Spontaneously is my favorite; 4 guys in a room just feeling and playing. It really can (and does) come from any and all directions.

Ty: Inspiration comes from everywhere.

What do you want your music to achieve?

Nalle: Joy and inspiration.

Rick: Touching and affecting as many people as possible.

Richard: Timelessness.

Ty: I like timelessness too. I am always on a path to help bring hearts and souls and bodies together. I guess I want our music to bring people together.

Which bits of music gear would you recommend to the masses?

Nalle: Lazy J amplifiers, Black Diamond guitar strings, and a good Gibson Les Paul.

Rick: Black Diamond strings and Aguilar amps and cabinets. They are built like tanks and sound great everywhere.

Richard: A good old solid American-made maple shelled drumkit.

Ty: I’m not a big gear guy. I like to try to make whatever is in front of me sound good.

Which single bit of equipment could you not do without?

Nalle: A good guitar.

Rick: A beat up old Fender bass.

Richard: A snare drum. You gotta have a backbeat.

Ty: Is ‘my voice’ an answer?

What advice would you give to budding musicians looking to make it in the music business?

Nalle: Play, perform, and perform some more.

Rick: What Nalle said.

Richard: What Rick said Nalle said.

Ty: Ditto.

Tell us a funny Vintage Trouble story.

We played in Jackson Missouri the other day and were told to “never come back” by a group of old rednecks.

Name a song that you wish you’d written.

Nalle: Jimi Hendrix’s version of Bob Dylan’s ‘All Along the Watch Tower” still gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it.

Rick: ‘A Song For You’ by Leon Russell.

Richard: ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon

Ty: ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ by Sam Cooke.

What’s up next for Vintage Trouble?

A UK & European Tour

If you were superheroes, what would you call yourselves?

Vintage Trouble.

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