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Why are some acoustic guitars much more expensive than others? – Question of the Day

There is a huge difference between the prices of the least expensive and the most expensive acoustic guitars on our site. Why is this? There are various reasons, but on a basic level, it is about the quality of materials and workmanship.

A quality acoustic guitar will have been lavished with attention and often will have been partially hand-built, meaning the components are put together with more care and love than a completely machine-built acoustic.

Furthermore, the materials used in the building of the instrument may be rarer (and hence more expensive) because they have a specific grain structure and density that is well suited to use in a musical instrument (rather than being well suited to being turned into a table!). A well built instrument will thus sound better as well as lasting longer.

On a purely subjective level, a good quality instrument should simply feel better to play – a smoother neck, a more sculptured body style etc. – and hence can help you improve your playing style.

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