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A Magical Mystery Tour of the Recording Studio…

The Depot Studios, based in Edinburgh, is fast becoming one of the busiest studios in the East of Scotland.

In the last year, records by The Broken Records, HomeworkThe Little KicksThe Banana Sessions, We See Lights and dozens of others have been produced here; as well as being home to The Mashup Session.

Studio engineers – Garry Boyle and Craig Ross – take some time out to take us through their favourite toys…

Dynaudio Bm5a

Our main studio speaker. Packs a punch and is very transparent. May be the best investment we have ever made. The better the speaker, the better your judgement.

Avid Omni / HD Native / Pro Tools 10 System

We just updated our recording system to the HD Native. More channels, sounds more open and clear and functionality wise a huge advancement. Plug -ins from SSL, Universal Audio UAD and Waves augment this rig and the outboard beautifully.

Brauner Phantom Vocal Mic

One of several great vocal microphones we have. This one is like a laser. The clarity of this microphone is astounding. After the singer, the mic is the next most important thing.

Roland Re201 Space Echo

Everyone loves this. Everyone. From the late 70s, this one is the real deal. Works flawlessly and sounds amazing. If you ever find one in as good a condition as this, buy it.

DW Collectors Series

(Birch 20×20, 12×12, 16×16 shells and Maple 13″ Snare)

A new edition to the studio is this stunning DW Kit. At the heart of every good recording is a great drum sound and this kit is one of the best we have ever recorded. Includes matching snare.

Summit Audio TLA 100a

Killer boutique compressor based on the LA2. One of the few boxes that makes a vocal sound fuller and bigger just by passing a signal through it. Compression goes from gentle controlling to pretty obscene but without ever pumping (that is what the 1176s are for!).

API 560 EQ

A killer 10 band EQ from API. Used on Kick / Snare drums on a daily basis. This thing could carve a great kick sound out of a cardboard box which, thanks to the DW, we try not to do.

Neumann Km84i

From 1978 this little pencil mic is one of the best for acoustic instruments (such as acoustic guitar). They don’t make them like they used to.

Les Paul Studio Custom

We have several guitars lurking about the studio (a Fender Strat, P-Bass and Stingray Bass included) but for some reason people just get drawn to this one. It is also guaranteed to get a joke about its sustain in the first 10 seconds, usually before it is plugged in.

The Hanger

Just outside the control room is a massive open stone space we use to re-amp drums and vocals. It has about a 9 second decay and is one of the most bonkers natural reverbs about. For more info, check out The Banana Sessions latest album, Mixtape.

Amp Booth

The back room of the studio is our amp room. Always mic‘d up and ready to go, it houses a Mesa Boogie, an Orange, a Marshall 1968 combo and a Fender Deluxe. Just patch in through in the control room and swap between these top recording amps until you find the one that suits you. (Also available – JCM 900, Fender Twin and Engl Stack).

The Depot Studios

Phone – 0131 551 6709

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