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LoopStation World Championship 3

If you own a LoopStation, your future plans should look like this:

1. Enter UK LoopStation Competition
2. Win the UK final and get £750 of Boss and Roland gear
3. Take the crown in the Worldwide Final in L.A and get $3,000 in Boss and Roland gear.
4. Riding high on your new found fame and with all your new gear, aim for mega stardom.

Still interested? Thought so.

It really is very simple. The Roland and Boss crew are looking for the chosen one to bring the LoopStation title back to the UK.

Beat boxing phenomenons Dub FX and Shlomo blew away the crowds, first in the UK finals, then flew with the Roland and Boss crew to Los Angeles to perform at the House of Blues, claiming the title ‘LoopStation World Champion’ two years running. Now they both play festivals, tour the world, appear on national TV and Radio, produce stage shows and workshops and generally live la vida looper!

Last year, Boss lost the title and it is your mission to help them get it back. So, STOP reading, pick up your guitar, keys, mic, milk bottles, violins, harps, ukuleles, pets, younger siblings, kitchen utensils or noise making gadgetry and start looping – they’re waiting for you. For some inspiration, why not head to YouTube and search for LoopStation, Loopstation championship, Loop, Loop cover etc.

How to Enter:

  • Record your 4 minute entry video using a Boss LoopStation
  • Upload your video to YouTube
  • Head to the sign up page: Enter your details + Read the rules!
  • Get your mates to ‘like’ your YouTube video and get as many views as you can – it’ll help your chances
  • Use Facebook and Twitter to promote your video as much as you can, for maximum exposure

UK Heat

The best performers will be selected to take part in the UK heat at The Jam House, Birmingham on 23rd October 2012. The 6-8 finalists will perform their entries with their own gear in front of a live audience and a panel of judges. The winner of the UK heat gets an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles in January 2013, a chance to check out the largest music trade show in the world, The NAMM show, perform in the House of Blues on the Disney park AND get some winter sun! See you there.

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