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Vigier Guitars For Sale!

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Red Dog Music are now Edinburgh’s official dealer of Vigier Guitars. For those of you who haven’t heard of Vigier, they come from France and are some of the most wonderfully unusual electric guitars we’ve ever clapped eyes on.

There’s a definite je ne sais quoi  about each and every one of these guitars, making the range one of our most eye-catching brands to date. They maintain a sort of ‘timeless classic’ look about them, whilst boasting a very firm Vigier stamp (see Excalibur Special).

Not only do they look pretty, they play beautifully too. Because of their incredible playability factor, these guitars aren’t cheap – however, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re paying for a hand-crafted guitar that’s had a whole lot of love poured into it. While Vigier Guitars may not be to everybody’s taste, there’s no doubt that they stand out from the crowd.

Here at Red Dog Music HQ, we’ve spent a good few days inspecting each guitar with intricate detail and have put together the features and benefits of each one. Be our guest and take a tour through the Vigier range – ooh la la…

Excalibur Indus – Text Black  – Tremolo

Excalibur Indus – Text Black – Fixed Bridge

If the world was to end tomorrow, it seems that the only thing that would survive the apocalypse would be a bunch of cockroaches and the Vigier Excalibur Indus. Slick to the eye and even slicker to the touch, the Excalibur Indus, all the way from France, gives the impression that you could bounce it off a hardened surface and it would survive, still maintaining its unusually handsome style. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: this is not an invitation to bounce this beautiful, high-end guitar off the floor. The Excalibur Indus‘ unique textured finish means that it marks very easily, and as such should be handled with care. Still, it’s guaranteed to make you look pretty rock and roll with that blue outlined scratch plate and, lo and behold, it even sounds rock and roll. The question now is, tremolo or fixed bridge?


GV Rock – Burgundy Fade

The Vigier GV Rock is part of the award-winning singlecut range from these French guitar luthiers. Featuring hand-wound pickups made by Amber, the Vigier GV Rock sounds nice and loud, whilst remaining light enough to rock out with on stage. With its beautifully shiny Burgundy sheen, your fans will be swooning at your feet when you whip the GV Rock out – a classy guitar, to say the least.


Excalibur Special – Deep Blue

Out of our range of Vigier Guitars, the Vigier Excalibur Special is probably the most likely candidate for a cameo appearance n Wayne’s World (probably played by one of the long-haired dudes in Cassandra’s band, Crucial Taunt). It’s glitzy, plays like a dream come true and in electric blue, is certainly designed to catch your eye. Featuring an unusual marble-effect scratch plate, The Vigier Excalibur Special definitely has a Vigier ‘I don’t know what’ about it.


Excalibur Supra – Urban Metal

The Vigier Excalibur Supra is the simplest and most efficient Vigier guitar. You will love its crunchy bridge and warm neck pickups, which can be split in positions 2 & 4. Equipped with Vigier‘s non-locking tremolo mounted on ball bearings and locking machine heads, it is free of tuning hassles – making rocking out with your Excalibur Supra out easier than ever. Urban metal heads, this guitar has been designed with you in mind. Pay close attention.

Excalibur Supra – Natural Alder Matte

Another guitar from the Vigier Excalibur Supra family, only this time in a gorgeous wood finish (alder, to be precise). It still rocks as much as as the other members of Team Excalibur Supra, it just does it in a slightly more subtle fashion. Smooth to the touch, this particular Excalibur Supra is a beautiful addition to the Vigier range, combining classic looks with a lovely, warm tone. For those of you who like the natural look, this Excalibur Supra is the guitar for you.


Expert Retro 54 – Antique Violin

If you’re not stuck in the past, the Expert is the single-coil guitar that you’ve been looking forward to. It combines tradition and moderism, and is available in three pickup configurations. It’s noiseless with a single-coil sound that has rarely been heard. Vigier‘s guarantee against detuning is its non-locking tremolo mounted on ball bearings combined with oversized Vigier locking tuners. This is a three single coil guitar made for Expert ears – this particular model comes in an unusual shade of faded red but still maintains that classic ‘electric guitar’ look.

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