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Yamaha APX1200 Electro-Acoustic Guitar review

Three words: ridiculously-reliable, ridiculously-playable and ridiculously-lovely.

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, I often wander out of the office to take a magical mystery tour through our acoustic guitar department. The Yamaha APX1200 caught my eye one day, mostly because of its simple, delicate appearance. I like the unique design of Yamaha guitars; they’re unlike most other acoustic guitars, so you can spot one from a mile off and, if you like their style, you’ll end up falling in love with them. Most people, when picking an acoustic guitar, wouldn’t immediately think to buy a Yamaha – I guess because they’re most famous for pianos, boats, motorbikes, etc… But when Yamaha make guitars, they make them LIKE A BOSS.

The APX1200 is my favourite of the APX range, simply because it feels like a dream to play. It’s so easy to get your hands around, making it the perfect guitar for the beginner who wants to invest in a guitar for life. It’s extremely versatile; so whatever your style – whether you’re an intricate-finger-picker or a punk-ass-strummer – the APX1200 (or any of the APX range, for that matter) will get the job done and then some. The bonus of spending that little bit more on the 1200 model, is that it’ll last a lifetime, it sounds just that little bit better, and it looks lovely.

If I hadn’t already bought my Takamine TAN15C, I’d certainly invest in this little beauty. In saying that; if I was looking for another guitar to keep my Takamine company, this would be the one – no doubt about it. It’s so comfortable and easy to play that it’s nigh on impossible to put it down once you’ve picked it up. In short, the APX1200 is an absolute dreamboat of an acoustic guitar – and we all know how good Yamaha are at making boats…

Alternative Product: Takamine ETN30C FXC

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