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Interview: Pockets

Red Dog Music catch up with internet phenomenon, musician, record producer and generally lovely chap: Pockets. Let’s have a chat!

What was the first record you ever bought?

“In Utero” by Nirvana on picture vinyl. When I hit my teens it had been 10 years since the Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain had left us, so naturally the front covers of the music press and television were doing all sorts of Nirvana related things. When I finally found myself in a music store I saw it hanging above the desk, I asked the clerk to put the album on while I was wandering about the store and he did. Needless to say I left with the album after hearing the first track. My taste in music has evolved over the years from grunge to noise and I now sit happy in my flat full of vinyl noise rock LPs.


What was the first instrument you ever owned?

A Concerto acoustic guitar, a Christmas gift from my parents. I loved that guitar, but after 18 years of abuse and thrashing around campfires I sold it in early 2011. This is one of the biggest regrets in my musical life as I have yet to find a guitar that matches its sound. Yeah, the action was unplayable but it sounded amazing.


Who is your musical hero?

That’s a toughy as its always hard to nail down just one musical hero. First up a few honourable mentions.
Wayne Coyne of the The Flaming Lips struck me as a normal guy living his dream. Just listen to his lyrics to “Waiting for Superman” and you will be hooked. That song got me through high school.

Yoshimi P-We is crazy but an amazing musician. Anything she touches turns to gold.

Tiny Tim and his ukulele… Nuff said.

But my biggest influence in recent years has to be Greg Saunier, the drummer from Deerhoof. I just love the way he strings his beats together but remains more active than animal on the kit. He will quite happily dance away while thrashing out in a non time signature in perfect time with the band. His ideas about music are great. Way ahead of his time in terms of release methods and recording. Not only is he a fantastic drummer but a phenomenal recording engineer.


What was your best ever gig?

I think it would have to be the entire month of August during the Edinburgh Fringe busking on the street. Not only is it full of amazing artists but people from all over the world hear your tunes.


… and the worst?

Britain’s Got Talent. Don’t get me started.


You’ve been called a 21st century George Formby. How do you feel about that?

Have I? That’s the first I’ve heard of it. If you mean I play ukulele in a comedic way then yes I guess you’re right, but plenty of other people have played ukulele better and funnier and never get a mention? Tiny Tim, Bosko and Honey, GUGUG (Glasgow!), Julia Nunes, Amanda Palmer, Ukulele Bart, Jake Shimabukuro, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole… the list is endless.


Not many of your 8 million YouTube viewers know that you’re primarily a drummer. Does that erk you?

No, I prefer to keep the serious musician stuff like drumming and playing guitar separate from the comedy stuff as it helps keep my brain from confusing the two genres. Someone once asked why I don’t play Kazookeylele in Jen and the Gents to which I replied “no one would take us seriously!” On the other hand musicians that take themselves way too seriously should be taken out and beaten with a ukulele… Wow, that escalated quickly.


If you had to share a long taxi ride with a member of the Spice Girls, which one would you choose?

Victoria Beckham… as long as I had a gun.

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