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Interview: Ramage

Interview: Ramage

In between jetting off to rehearse with Djent legends Cilice, producing more Metal records than we’ve sold plectrums, and shredding his fingers raw doing session work, Ramage is a hard man to pin down. Fortunately, he’s one of Red Dog Music‘s regulars and we managed to throw a few questions his way the last time he dropped by…

What was the first record you ever bought?

‘Bad’ by Michael Jackson


What was your first musical instrument?

My first ever guitar was my Gherson. It’s a Gibson SG style guitar that was given to me by my parents for Christmas when I was 11. I still use it if I want a dirty sounding guitar, it’s absolutely excellent for noisy sounding riffs with feeling. Y’know, NIN type stuff.

Who is your musical hero?

Since 2000: Devin Townsend, for many, many reasons.


What was your best ever gig?

I have had many, all with different things that made them awesome. Fonofest in Latvia with Cilice was cool. Lots of hot Latvian women rocking out to Math Metal!

My gig with Immanis at the O2 in Newcastle was also very memorable, excellent crowd.


…and the worst?

Some s****y gig in England somewhere, I can’t recall the name of the venue or town but what I do remember is playing in this club that had a decent enough PA to have a great gig but due to noise restrictions we had to play so quiet you could practically talk over us. My Peavey 5150 was set at 3 and the audience could hear the click track coming from the drummers headphones. EPIC metal gig fail!


You live in Scotland, but you sing for a Dutch metal band. How did that even happen?

Through the grape vine really.

I was looking for something challenging to sing on to improve my vocal diversity and found a project called Eidetic Blur. As they were from the South of England, we collaborated by sending files over the web.

Nic – the guitarist songwriter of Eidetic Blur – had let Cilice hear these recordings whilst on tour in another project. This must have left an impression because when Cilice were looking for a new singer after Daniël de Jongh left to join Textures they email’d me and invited me to audition. The rest is Hevy Mental History!


6. I know it’s tricky to pick a favourite, but which band did you have the best time producing?

I have had a lot of excellent bands to work with but I think I had a lot of fun with Firebrand Super Rock. Musically these guys (and gal) are very driven and know what they want, but they’re open to suggestion in the studio. I produced their debut album on a very low budget but had a great time doing so, I enjoy giving my input on their music and seeing their faces when they hear the final product. Each member of Firebrand excels at their role and are a joy to work for. I’m just sad that they are going with another producer for their follow up album, but they got an offer they could not refuse. I wish them the best of luck.


7. If you had to join either Take That, One Direction or The Wanted, which would you choose?

Take That – because they RULE!!!
One Direction and The Wanted can be killed in the face repeatedly until they die of death!!!

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