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Lunchbox Guitar Amps

As guitarists, most of us probably have our one ‘go-to’ combination of guitar and amp; that one setup that gives us what, after years of experimenting and making almost imperceptible Vox Lil Night Train Lunchbox Ampchanges to control settings, is what we now call ‘our tone’.

That’s not to say that we don’t like to find new ones though. Modelling effects pedals such as the Boss GT100 are great, putting a history of amplifiers on your desktop, but nothing beats the response and inspiration of plugging into a real amplifier; so why not do it?

The desire to get great tones at low volumes for practice and recording has led to a large number of ‘lunchbox’ amplifiers: small, portable, low-power heads that are ideal for mixing and matching with different cabs and that don’t break the bank.

Amplifier heads such as the Orange Micro Terror, Vox AC4TVH and Lil Night Train, Marshall DSL1H and Blackstar HT1RH offer a great way to add some additional tones to your rig, in a real box with real vacuum tubes. If you already have a speaker cabinet, or your existing combo amp lets you use its speaker, you’re ready to go. If not, take a look at cabinets like the Orange PPC108, Blackstar HT112 or the Vox V110NT, V112NT or V112TV.

Orange Micro Terror Lunchbox Guitar AmpThese low-wattage amps produce more volume than you might think, certainly enough for practice and recording. If you need to go louder, many include outputs with speaker emulation, so you can go straight into the PA. With prices for amps starting at under £100, and cabs from less than £60, there’s never been a better time to add a lunchbox to your rig.

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