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An interview with Lau

An interview with Lau

Lau‘s music has been called “modern folk”, but we just call it mind-blowing. We recently caught up with them and engaged in some traditional Scottish banter…

How did you come up with your name?
Lau is an Orcadian name for light, or fire. Kris (Drever) is Orcadian – it came from him

Describe your music in three words.
Indescribable, fantastic, describable.

Tell us about your songwriting process.
It’s a true democracy. We actually write whole melodies together. Very slow, very rewarding.

What do you want your music to achieve?
A gold house and a rocket car.

Which bit of music gear could you not live without and why?
We all love a well built DI box – not even joking. Buy a good DI box folks, it won’t ever let you down.

Name your top three music festivals.
The Insider Festival in Aviemore.
Glastonbury – perhaps this is a populist choice, but true.
Baltimore Fiddle Fair in County Cork – they wait until everyone has left the pub and walked up the hill to the marquee before they let the band start. Magical and sheer class.

What’s your personal favourite Lau song?
Ghosts (Martin) – I love it and am proud of its politics.

What’s your favourite track off the forthcoming album, Race the Loser, and why?
Saint Monday, which for us was a new way forward in combining music and words in what seems like a very natural and intuitive way, although it took us a few years to get there. For me, it seems like the song that is a starting block for the next album.

Which album would you recommend the track-skipping generation listen to from start to finish?
Stevie Wonder’s ‘Innervisions’ because it is very nearly perfect.

If you could only listen to one artist for the rest of your life – excluding The Beatles, because they’re too obvious a choice – who would you pick? Bearing in mind they’d need to have a good back catalogue that would suit all sorts of moods and times of the day (unless you’d be content listening to Gabber for breakfast, lunch and dinner – in which case, good for you).
Damn, that is a preposterous question. The album that lives on my mp3 player for all travel occasions and stress relief is Glen Gould playing Bach’s Goldberg variations. It’s an album that comes up a lot on Desert Island Discs, and obviously has some lasting quality because I have never been unhappy to hear it – even after hundreds of listens. But actually, it’s just a silly question.

You have a UK tour coming up in October, as well as the release of Race the Loser. Talk to us.
Yes I will! This is the best planned, most exciting, biggest tour of Lau’s UK life. We have new music that we love, old music that we love, and I just bought (from Red Dog Music, of course) a shiny new Moog Minitaur (which we used a lot on the album) to shatter the foundations of venues around the country. As we speak, I am working out how to wire it into my accordion. No, I’m not joking… although yes, I probably should be. Come and see the tour, folks. It will be epic.

Who would win in a fight – you, Kris or Aidan? What would each of your fighting techniques be?
I would win of course, the really short guy is always armed – didn’t you know that? Also I have no pride or sense of fair play.

What’s your favourite instrument?
Today, it is the Moog Minitaur

If you were asked to put a message in a bottle, what would you write?
If anyone knows how to wire a bass synthesiser into the back end of a piano-accordion, please contact me immediately. And come and see Lau.

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