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Epiphone EJ160E John Lennon guitar review

In the words of John Lennon, “All You Need is Love”. Well, music heads, that’s not strictly true, is it? Because what is love if you don’t have your favourite guitar in your hands? That’s why we’re asking you to take a minute to check out THIS curvaceous wooden structure.
The first thing I noticed about the Epiphone EJ-160E is how playable it is. It’s easy to rock out on and it’s pretty flexible in terms of playing style. The second thing I noticed about the Epiphone EJ-160E is how lovely it sounds – it has a warm, bright tone to it that made my ears happy the minute the first note rang out. The third thing I noticed about the Epiphone EJ-160E is how unusual it looks, with the volume and tone knobs placed on the front of the guitar – commonly found on electric guitars, of course. The reason for this is because the EJ-160E is modelled on John Lennon’s famous Gibson J-160.
It’s the same jumbo shape, the same feel and includes the same mini-acoustic humbucker pickup as Lennon’s original J-160 – this particular model, however, features Lennon’s signature on the body. If you’re a Beatles fan – and let’s face it, if you’re not, you’re either a) mental or b) lying to try and be controversial – this beast of an acoustic guitar is an absolute must.
If you’re still not sold by the EJ-160E, then maybe we can push you over the edge with the following two reasons: a portion of the proceeds of each guitar will be donated to the BMI Foundation, Inc. for the John Lennon Scholarship Fund which supports music education AND – wait for it – it costs less than £400. In short, IT’S A WINNER.
Let me sup with this: I love The Beatles. John Lennon is my hero. This guitar is awesome. I’m a fan.

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