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What is a DI Box and do I need one?

A DI box (short for  “direct injection” or “direct input” box, depending on who you ask) is a very handy thing to have around, both on stage and in the studio. Without wanting to bring back memories of high-school physics, a DI box is really just a way of matching impedances when you want to connect a source to an input. They can also be a very handy way of getting rid of hum in your signal caused by ground loops.

Art Dual X-DirectOne of the most common uses of DI boxes is to take an instrument output (e.g. from your bass or synth) and feed it to the mic input on a mixer or mic preamp for live mixing or recording. Back to that impedance thing again, though: if you are DI’ing guitars and basses, you’ll want to use an active DI box with a high input impedance to keep all that precious tone of yours. And remember, you’ll then want some amp and speaker simulation somewhere down the chain to keep things sounding sweet. Active DI boxes require power, either from a battery or from the mic preamp’s phantom power.

For acoustic guitars with piezo pickups, you might want to check out more specialist acoustic DI units as these pickups like to see even more Ohms at the input. Some of these, such as the Fishman Aura Spectrum, offer additional features – like modelling, eq, compression and feedback suppression- to get your acoustic guitar sounding great.Fishman Aura Spectrum DI

There are a whole range of DI boxes with various features and functions that can serve as useful problem-solvers and make each session or gig that bit more trouble-free, letting you concentrate on making music.

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