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5 ways to waste time musically

If you work at a desk in front of a computer, chances are you are spoiled when it comes to time-wasting in the office right now, there’s all that Christmas shopping to be done and all those festive night out schedules to co-ordinate; but, what if you’re too organised? What if all your internet shopping is already done? How will you waste time now? Not wanting to leave you hung out to dry, we present the top five ways to waste your time in a musical way:

5. The Tonematrix. Inspired by Yamaha’s innovative Tenori-On, the Tonematrix is the perfect way to pass the time in tuneful, blippy goodness.

4. Tony-B Synthesiser. Perhaps a bit simplistic for the hardcore experimentalist, but this pre-programmed music-maker makes passing time easy.

3. Incredibox. More drag and drop hipster-based beatboxing goodness than you can shake a rhythm stick at.

2. Beatlab. The grid-based concept married to some genre-based presets. Always good fun.

1. Audiotool. Quite simply the best way to lose days, weeks and months, Audiotool gives you virtual 303s, 808s, 909s, sequencers, effects, mixers and more. Even if you hate acid techno (how and why would that be the case though?!), you’ll find yourself getting caught up in that distinctive, squelchy groove.

While these sites may seem like a little more than an opportunity to pass the time without doing any work, don’t overlook their ability to inspire. Why not record some of the rhythms or sounds you create as audio? If you have something like Maschine or an Akai MPC in your studio, why not chop, slice, reverse, transpose and generally play about with those loops on the pads and see what you come up with? You might just find that distracting yourself from writing that report leads to your latest classic tune…

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