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Why you should visit the Grassmarket in Edinburgh

We love working in Edinburgh, and we especially love working in the Grassmarket. We will never tire of the sight of Edinburgh Castle looming above us in all it’s megalithic glory. It is the rock to our roll.

For this reason, we were particularly chuffed to be featured in a short video recently (see below) all about the area alongside our pals at Avalanche Records, Hula Juice Bar, and Armstrong’s Vintage Clothing:

There is a lot of guff spoken about shopping local, but there is also a lot of truth – independent stores are generally a labour of love rather than being purely profit-driven enterprises, and this imbues the whole company with a more positive and inclusive vibe. There is also a lot you can get out of visiting a music shop that you can’t get out of visiting a website. Don’t get us wrong: we love the wonders of the world wide web, social networking, and the incredible potential for communicating directly with our customers around the world that this brings (the fact we publish about 5,000 blogs a day and have the best musical instrument website in the known universe might have alerted you to this fact…). But you can’t touch, hear, or properly see a guitar on a website (yet), you can’t engage in unruly banter with your fellow customers, you can’t sit down and soak up the atmosphere of a place that is full of people who love music, whether they be customers or staff. This is why we focus on engaging with our community – without our community we are nothing, and it keeps the job interesting (and occasionally gets us gigs!).

If you’re not looking to buy digital pianos or ukuleles, the Grassmarket has masses of other stuff to offer: Avalanche have a frankly absurd range of cool posters that make us want to become teenagers again and plaster them all over our walls, Hula’s raspberry chocolate brownie is surely one of the wonders of the modern world, and the range of cool, quirky, different bits and bobs on sale in Swish, Fabhatrix, the Red Door Gallery, DemiJohn, and Owl and Lion (to name but a few) is frankly mind-blowing.

We realise the majority of the readers of this blog aren’t based in Edinburgh, but it doesn’t matter: we highly recommend you make the effort to visit. Whether you’re based in Croydon or Siberia, we guarantee that you’ll be received with open arms and find something that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.


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Dawsons Music is delighted to announce that the Red Dog Music brand is now part of the Dawsons family. This is an exciting opportunity to bring both communities together and create a stronger, wider network of people passionate about music gear. We both share a common heritage to support musicians throughout the UK and Dawsons want to support Red Dog Music customers in their continued musical journey.

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