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6 awe-inspiring guitar combos for under £200

Got a new electric guitar for Christmas? A niche in your musical life unfulfilled? This selection of guitar combos under £200 offers something that should tick that empty box on your wishlist…

Orange Crush Pix 12L Guitar ComboOrange Crush Pix 12L

Just because you’re looking for a budget practice amplifier, doesn’t mean you need to settle for one that looks like a budget practice amplifier. This little gem comes in at post-festive friendly £69 and still gives you a full tone-stack, volume, overdrive and gain controls and that iconic Orange design.Yahama THR5 Guitar Combo

Yamaha THR5

With its ‘designed not to look out of place in your living room’ styling, this guitar combo won’t look out of place in your living room. Or kitchen, bedroom, wherever you take it. And take it you can: it has a little handle. With five amp models, gain, volume and tone controls as well as effects and reverb and delay, this amp scores on features as well as looks.

Gretsch Electromatic G5222

With styling like some sort of tweed-covered television from 1955, this little gem of an amp just gives you the one control -volume- but real
vacuum tube tone. At a modest, yet surprisingly loud, 5W of output, you can get that tube overdrive by cranking the volume. The simple, low power valve amp is making a huge comeback, and this is a little beauty.

Blackstar HT-1R

Much like the Gretsch, the Blackstar HT-1R is a small valve guitar combo with, as the name may suggest, 1W of power. So why are you paying more for less noise? With a master volume control, as well as the gain control and a separate overdrive button you can get those overdriven tones without the pictures falling from the walls. Blackstar’s famous ISF tone control adds yet another way to shape your sound, and onboard reverb is always a bonus. Add to that inputs for your mp3 player, and a line/headphone output with speaker emulation and you have a cracking little combo.

Orange Micro Terror and PPC108 cabinet

(not strictly speaking a “guitar combo”, more a stack, but definitely awesome)

It’s rare that the words ‘cute’ and ‘attitude’ are used together, but those words pretty much sum up this awesome little stack. Orange provide 20W of output with vintage tone by combining a valve preamp with a solid state power amp. Separate gain and volume controls let you dial in that dirt at a neighbour-friendly volume. The fact that you can combine this with the PPC108 cabinet and still come in well under our budget here is surely just too much of an incentive. And come on, just look at it!

Fender Mustang I

With 24 modelled amplifiers as well as built-in effects and the ability to store and recall your favourite presets, you won’t be short of options to find your perfect tone. With USB connectivity, you can get stuck in with advanced editing of the various parameters, store an unlimited number of presets, and share them with other Mustang users. Oh, and it’s a Fender!

BB Blaster BBPM20

Don’t worry buskers! We haven’t forgotten about you. The BBPM20 lets you take your music to the street with battery power and a built-in 3-channel mixer so you’re ready to go. The mixer inputs offer a dedicated high-impedance input for your guitar, as well as an XLR for your microphone and auxiliary inputs for your mp3 player. How much more do you need? And all for under a ton.

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