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MXR M-116 Fullbore Metal review

Here we have the MXR M-116 Fullbore Metal; a small footprint stomp box with the ability to turn a clean guitar signal into a screaming, searing sonic monstrosity. Use it with a crunch tone from the amp and you’re asking for some trouble!

This pedal features the classic MXR-style dimensions (think – typical Phase 90 or Analog Chorus size), but with the addition of 6 variable parameters crammed into the same space! These include:

Volume: For controlling the output or loudness of the pedal. This provides some serious boost if you turn it up properly!

Gain: For controlling the amount of distortion; ranges from a subtle crunch (à la Blues breaker) up to full – on soul crushing tone. The sustain achieved from adding suitable amount of grunt to your sound will know no boundaries.

EQ: (Low, Mid & High). These adjustable parameters allow full control over the frequencies of your tone, allowing the user to tailor their sound to suit.

Frequency: This unique feature allows the user to shape the Middle frequencies of the signal, turning the sound into either a ‘full’ or ‘scooped’ tone. Versatility went into the design of this pedal, ensuring that any metal (or rock!) player could find something they liked.

Scoop: This bypasses the user’s EQ settings and dials in a ‘Scooped mid tone’, ideal for thrashers of all natures. Imagine Dimebag Darrell’s legendary tone at the push of a button…

Noise gate: Available at the push of a button, this eliminates any hum from the pedal as it is truly high WOOFin’ gain. The sweep of the gate is accessible through the base plate of the pedal, adjustable via your typical Phillips screwdriver. Both this and the scoop switch are glow in the dark, making usage at any gig a walk in the park.

The circuitry is housed in a rugged metal casing, which would stand up to any sort of abuse that a user could deliver to it. The heavy duty footswitch clicks solidly when stood on, showing no signs of weakness. A super – bright blue LED makes no mistake in telling you when the pedal is active in the chain; being true – bypass also means you can’t hear any loss when it is off either! This pedal sounds exactly what it seems to be built to stand up against: nuclear war! 

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