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The only USB controller keyboard you’ll ever need

USB controller keyboards are the big thing at the moment: with the accelerating advances in music software potential, manufacturers such as Novation, Roland, M-Audio, Akai and others have been quick to offer producers hands-on control of all those deep software parameters.

But all of these controllers have one limitation in common: all that they can control is software.

Enter the Numorg LifeControl+

The LifeControl+ enables you to take control not only of your studio, but of your life itself. Offering an unprecedented array of rotary encoders, sliders, and buttons, the LifeControl+ allows you to assign any of its numerous controls to literally any life parameter you can imagine:

-Tired of getting up to turn off the light? Assign one of the 16 velocity-sensitive pads to your light switch.

-Fancy a gin & tonic? Assign gin to Xfade A and tonic to Xfade B and mix to perfection.

-Partner complaining too loudly about your studio habit? Control his or her vocal chord volume with one of the long-throw faders, or simply hit the “mute” switch.

-Tired of the cold weather we’re having? Use one of the endless encoders to increase atmospheric temperature (note: over-use could cause apocalypse).

-Awkward itch between your toes? Use the scratch ribbon to relieve it without needing to remove your shoe.

You could assign each of the numerical pads to your lover’s erogenous zones and whip them into a frenzy of lust without ruining your workflow, or use the oversized data wheel as a ouija board to summon long lost relatives from the dead.

Why confine your control potential to audio? With the Numorg LifeControl+, there are literally no limits.

Ships with a software library including every sound ever made.

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