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How to learn every electronic music genre in 30 minutes

Electronic music genres can divide opinion.

For every obsessive techno-geek, you’ll find several people who shove it all into one over-flowing pigeon-hole; someone who says that “all electronic music is techno”. Epic Eurotrance? Techno. Microhouse? Techno. Neurofunk? Techno. And even ‘techno’ itself is too straightforward: dub, Detroit, minimal, acid, hardcore?

How would the jazzers feel if you called all their myriad genres ‘hard bop’?

So, for the benefit of the EDMically under-exposed or under-educated person in your life, we go back to a wonderfully irreverent, but musically illuminating resource that has been around for so long it has its own Wikipedia entry: Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music.

We’re sure many of you have seen it before, but it’s still a great read: informative, funny, and full of audio samples so you can really get your head (and ears) around what the genre name and description (which is often actually descriptive rather than just insulting) are about. Even if you think you know everything about all genres of EDM, and already know that not all electronic music is techno, you might still find something new here. And for music-based procrastination, it doesn’t get much better…

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