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Boss BR recorders: multitrack recording on the move

Computers are great for recording. Once you’ve bought your computer, you just need to get some recording software and an audio interface with the appropriate bits and pieces for what you want to record, and you’re ready to go. Get a laptop, and you can take your studio with you.

Sometimes, though, you might just want something that fits into the pocket of your gig bag that you can take along to band practice, switch it on, hit record and not have to worry about your operating system deciding to blue-screen you, or hit you with the perpetually spinning rainbow pinwheel of doom.

For those moments, a dedicated multitrack recorder is what you need. A small, portable box, that has the right inputs to record what you need to record, is easy to use, and that doesn’t get in the way of your creativity, but with enough power to polish up those magic one-time-only takes and help you turn them into complete songs. If this sounds like what you need, the Boss BR recorders – the Micro BR-80 and BR-800 – are well worth checking out.

The Micro BR-80 is a true wonder of miniaturisation, not just an 8-track recording studio with effects, but also a field recorder, backing track host, rhythm section, and phrase training guitar tutor. The Micro BR-80 can also function as a USB audio interface for your computer and includes the Sonar X1 LE digital audio workstation.

If you want to record more of the band to separate tracks at the same time, then the BR-800 offers 4-track simultaneous recording, but still fits in the front pocket of your gig bag (possibly, depends on what type of gig bag you have really, but it should do…). Like its little brother, the BR-80 can also function as an audio interface, but you can also use it as a control surface for your DAW; if you don’t have one of those yet, you can use the included Sonar 8.5 LE to turn those rehearsal sessions into submission-ready demos or for CDs to sell at your next gig.

As both units feature stereo line inputs, why not just hook them up to the mixer at your next gig, get the night recorded and make available on your website or Soundcloud for your fans to download?

If the Boss BR recorders sound like they might tick the right boxes for you or your band, why not call in and talk over the details with our Roland and Boss experts.

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