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The seven days of Ableton Live 9 – 7 days to go

Ableton Live 9

On March the 5th, Ableton Live 9 and the new Push controller will be available, and we can’t wait. We’re big fans of Ableton Live here at Red Dog Towers, from studio to stage it’s your one stop shop for composing, jamming, arranging and gigging. Hook it up with a controller or two and you can really get hands on, which is perfect for taking your music out live, which, as the name suggests, is what Live is for.


Here is one of our favourite videos; take a look at Kevin Yost using Ableton Live (along with an Akai APC40, keyboard controller and footswitches) to create some on-the-fly jazz:

Of course, in but a few days the next shift in Ableton Live control will be with us: the Ableton Push. Designed to be more ‘an instrument’ rather than just a controller, Ableton Push is perfect for getting the creativity flowing in the first place and interacting with notes in a different way than with a standard keyboard controller and the key and scale functions allow you to jam beyond your (well, mine, certainly) knowledge of music theory:

So, as we count down to the release of Ableton Push and Live 9 with our ‘7 days of Ableton Live’, we’ll try and point you in the direction of some of our favourite Live videos for inspiration, free download packs and racks, and various pieces of Live miscellany to get you in the mood, and hopefully you’ll come across some sounds, techniques, or sources of inspiration to get you moving in the studio.

We start today with this free live pack of drum racks and percussion samples from Flatpack. With the sounds created using the classic ARP2600 you can add some classic synthesised percussion to your production. It’s always worth keeping your eye on Ableton’s website, as they’re are usually freebies to be had…

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