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The seven days of Ableton Live 9 – 3 days to go

The seven days of Ableton Live 9 – 3 days to go

Up until now, we’ve looked at some of perhaps the more obvious ways of using Live, making loop-based music and dance music in particular. However, as we continue to count down to the release of Ableton Live 9, today we look at bringing Live into your band, electronic-based, indie, jazz or otherwise… Gotye and Caribou have some interesting things to say on making Ableton Live part of the band:

There is a very, shall we say, realistic article about taking your laptop out with your band from the excellent Sound on Sound magazine, which makes for an entertaining read! If you’re using your computer to provide the drums and percussion for your band, things are relatively straightforward, as you’re providing the timing and the band is playing to you. It’s when you’re using a computer along with a live drummer that things get interesting…

One thing you can do of course, is just to hit the tap tempo button a few times when you feel things are starting to drift out of time (mapping this to a pad on a hardware controller or a footswitch can be very handy), the nudge buttons are also your friends…

Another solution is to output a click track on its own output and give the drummer a pair of headphones. Some drummers may not like this. Also, it can take away one part of the ‘human’ aspect of a performance, where slight changes in tempo really add to the feel and groove of a song.

A more interesting solution, albeit one we’ve not tried, is to take advantage of a very clever-looking Max for Live patch, B-keeper, that takes inputs from microphones on the drummer’s kick and snare, and uses those to sync Live’s tempo. Pretty clever, huh?

Our download picks for today are Blinker, a handy visual metronome from the excellent, perfect for when using a click track is not an option (PC only unfortunately), and a range of Live racks from Dublab’s Ableton day, great for showcasing what a computer can bring to a band…

Maybe bringing in some electronics to your band might be the thing that takes your stage performances to the next level, hopefully you’ve seen that guitars and laptops don’t have to be mutually exclusive and that getting set up doesn’t have to be that complicated…

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