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The seven days of Ableton Live 9 : 2 days to go

The seven days of Ableton Live 9 : 2 days to go

While specialist applications such as Traktor and Serato may the ‘go-to’ choices when it comes to digital djing, Ableton Live can offer some very powerful tools for inspiring and enabling creativity in the dj booth. As the release of Ableton Live 9 is just around the corner, we turn today to djing with Live.

With its ability to warp and sync audio, it makes perfect sense that Live should be able to handle automatic beatmatching the way that programs such as Traktor do. If you’re new to Live, or just wanting to make the move into digital djing, there are a few great articles and video tutorials you might want to check out, such as this one from djtechtools, which gives a nice breakdown of why Live may (or may not) be the best tool for you to dj.

While Live perhaps was a bit out in front of other software if you really wanted to get creative with your djing, features such as the remix decks in Native Instruments’ Traktor, particularly when used the with the Traktor F1 controller have meant that you can get almost as creative as you could in Ableton Live.

However, that doesn’t mean that Live has lost its place in the dj booth, far from it. By syncing your dj software with Live, you can use Live as a host for other plugins, such as Maschine, and for adding in additional clips and sounds to your dj sets; much as Chris Liebing describes here:

And for today’s suggestion of things to download, you could do worse than putting these on your master bus for a bit of dj set ear candy!

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