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Need some professional music technology, Mum? 5 Mother’s Day gift ideas for musicians

Need some professional music technology, Mum? 5 Mother’s Day gift ideas for musicians

Oh no! it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. If you haven’t got that present yet, there’s still time to find the perfect mother’s day gift. Deciding what to get is usually the hardest part, so we’ve taken care of that for you.

Your Mum’s tired of getting the same old bunches of flowers and boxes of chocolates; this year, get her some pro music equipment that she can enjoy for years to come (and you could always borrow if she tires of it…).

Read on, and be giftually inspired…

1. sE Munro Egg 150 Monitors

There’s nothing that says “thanks for hatching me” more than a pair of high resolution bi-amplified professional studio monitors. The sE Munro Egg 150 system offers incredible clarity, remote control, classic speaker emulation, and less tonal coloration than any other professional speaker on the market. What’s more, they’re eye-catching

sE Electronics Munro Egg 150

design means they make an original and pleasingly symmetrical ornament for literally any mantelpiece.

2. Moog Minitaur


Moog MinitaurWe’ve all heard of the expression ‘a bull in a china shop’: your mum probably already has plenty china, and is probably fed up with all the bull you’ve spoken over the years: “yes, I’ll tidy that up”, “No, I didn’t have a party that weekend you were in Tunbridge Wells and I have no idea why the washing machine is in the bath with an empty bottle of Archers in it”, and so on. What she probably doesn’t have, though, is the fantastic Moog Minitaur analogue synthesiser, which has a picture of a bull on it.

3. Fender Lamboo Telecaster

Pandas are cute. Everybody likes pandas, but we’re sure you really don’t want to go down the soft toy route, and we’re currently out of stock on actual pandas. However, pandas eat bamboo, and we’ve got some of that. Admittedly, it’s adorning the fine-looking Fender Lamboo Telecaster, but it’s still a great panda-related gift.

Fender Lamboo Telecaster

4. sE Electronics sE 2200-T

sE Electronics SE2200TMums like tea. Or coffee. Or surely some sort of hot drink, but, much like pandas (see above), we don’t have those either. You could get a box of teabags, and that might actually be quite well received, but we think you could do better. What about a tube microphone, like the sE 2200-T? That not only begins with ‘t’, but, much like the hot-beverage, is well known for adding a pleasing warmth.


5. Roland Juno Gi

We know your mum is special, she was, and maybe still is, your protector and a person to whom you go for comfort and advice. Why not tell her how special she is with the gift of a Roland Juno Gi? If Juno herself were to be recreated in synth form, we’re sure she’d have 128 voice polyphony, over 1300 sounds optimised for live performance and an onboard 8-track recorder.

Roland Juno GI

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