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Faith guitars for sale

Faith guitars for sale

If you’ve seen, heard or played a Faith guitar, then you’ll know why we love them. And it’s not just us: the Faith Venus HiGloss won the Music Industries Association “Best Acoustic Guitar” award 2012.

Eddie Kramer and Faith GuitarsDesigned in the UK by renowned luthier Patrick Eggle, whose reputation and history in the guitar world is pretty impressive, Faith acoustic guitars play, sound and look like a lot more expensive than you think they should.

Faith guitars offer a range of models, which cover all the bases you want covered in terms of sound. In particular, instruments feature mahogany, rosewood or trembesi backs and sides, which provide a great choice of tonality and ensure that you’ll find a guitar that perfectly suits your tastes and style.

Another point that makes us love Faith guitars is the fact that, with the exception of the stripped-back and let the wood breathe Naked series instruments, all Faith guitars include a hard case, just the thing you want when you’re investing in a new instrument, particularly one that looks as nice as these…

If you play up the high end a lot, Faith have a great selection of instruments with cutaways and, if you want to get amplified or recorded without the hassle of setting up a microphone, they also have a wide selection of instruments with pickups and preamps and a good line-up of left-handed guitars as well.

Faith Venus Hi Gloss Concert cutaway electro

My own personal pick of the range is the stunning HiGloss Venus Hex concert cutaway electro, which really is an incredible instrument, and would be at several times the price. Really though, you can’t go wrong with any of them; whether you’re drawn to the projection of the Jupiter jumbo, the balance of the Saturn dreadnought, the delicate and pleasing sound of the Mercury parlour or the comfortable feel of the Neptune baby jumbo, Faith have your perfect guitar in their range.

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