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Markbass amps: find your perfect low end sound

Markbass amps: find your perfect low end sound

Markbass are responsible for a lot of low end sounds on the Red Dog Music shop floor, and we don’t really mind too much. These bass amps just sound sweet, plugging in a regular Squier Jazz Bass gives a sound that is instantly classy, before you even touch a tone control.

Markbass Big Bang 500W Bass Amplifier Head

Markbass is a relative newcomer to the world of bass amplification, appearing in 2001, but already has an enviable reputation and an impressive list of artist endorsements. When you plug into one, you find out why.

The Markbass sound is complemented by the unique VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) and VPF (Variable Pre-Shape Filter) controls. Reading various user testimonies suggests that these are often the only tone controls that people adjust, and those bass, middle and treble controls just sit at 12 o’clock. The VLE rolls off the top to recreate the sound of old bass loudspeakers, while the VPF dials in an eq ‘smile’ curve, dipping the mids and boosting the lows and highs: great for playing with a pick or for some slap action.

Markbass 104HF 4x10 Bass CabinetIt’s not just about the sound though: the Markbass amps, combos and cabs are surprisingly light, something that you’ll soon appreciate once you’ve carried it to and from a couple of gigs or rehearsals. Markbass amps offer portability, but without losing the power; there is a reason that when we asked our bass specialist Will to sum up Markbass in three words, we got the response ‘light and loud’.

The Markbass range covers everything the serious bass player could want, from a range of combos, to heads and cabs, you can find your perfect bass tone with Markbass.

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