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Hands-on with the Squier HSH Stratocaster

Hands-on with the Squier HSH Stratocaster

Squier have been the more ‘entry-level’ brand for those who want to get on the Fender road since 1982 and their Squier HSH Stratocaster is one of their more recent creations. However, don’t think that these instruments are only for those who can’t afford something that says ‘Fender’ on the headstock, Squier also make instruments to satisfy experienced players with deeper pockets; read on…

Squier HSH Stratocaster in Crimson TransparentWith instruments such as the Vintage Modified Jaguar, and the stunning five string natural finish Jazz Bass, Squier make instruments that are just cool to have around, but that you might not want to spend Fender Custom Shop money on. One of those instruments is the fantastic new Squier HSH Stratocaster. With that beautiful flame peaking through the transparent crimson finish, all nicely complemented by the pearloid pickguard, it certainly looks the part.

Of course, there’s more to a guitar than looks, so we thought we’d spend a bit of quality time with it for a more thorough review:

This guitar has a reassuring weight to it, but it isn’t what you’d call heavy. The neck feels nice in the hand and is easy to move up and down on, but the real surprise comes from those pickups. I was sceptical at first: I like my Strats to sound like Strats, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this one does.

Now, the neck and bridge humbuckers mean that this doesn’t sound 100% Stratty, but it doesn’t sound like a Les Paul or an SG either. Imagine a Strat, but with a little more ‘thickness’ when you’re on positions 1 and 5. Reassuringly, and thanks to some clever pickup switching, those 2 and 4 position sounds are still there so your Strat still quacks when you need it to.

I plugged this into a Fender Blues Deluxe and a Fender Supersonic and the range of sounds from this one instrument is quite impressive, and I soon found that I’d been sitting playing for a bit longer than I had intended, instead of getting back to my desk to write this. The Squier HSH Stratocaster just made me want to sit and play it rather than write a review and, at the end of the day, that’s what a guitar should do, isn’t it…?

Admit it, we’ve tempted you. Why not try it out for yourself? Red Dog Music would like to give you a little special offer to thank you for reading through this review. Click here for more info.

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