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Feel your bass with the SubPac

Feel your bass with the SubPac

As music listeners we often want to experience music at home and get the same sort of experience we get when we’re at a club or gig; as producers, we want to be able to know what’s going on at the bottom end of our tracks. Unfortunately, replicating that requires speakers with quite impressive bass extension, as well as very understanding flatmates and neighbours. Could the SubPac be the answer if you want to feel your bass the way you do at the club?

The SubPac device

Looking like a supportive cushion for people with back problems, the SubPac is a project that is currently looking for Kickstarter funding and, by given the current amount of support, looks like it will get it. So, if you want to donate and get anything from a thank you to a night out in your nearest city with the creators, then get your card details ready!

The idea of the SubPac is that those low frequencies that you can feel from a large system, but often not on a domestic system or your studio monitors, can be transferred directly to your body, letting you feel those kick drums, basslines and low-end rumbles. All without ruining your ears or your relationship with your neighbours.

The SubPac seems to be getting some glowing praise from the likes of Daedelus, Hank Shocklee, John Tejada and Stephan Bodzin, so we look forward to trying one out for ourselves at some point. For producers and music listeners from dance to epic soundtracks, this looks like it could be an interesting development. We’ll be keeping our eyes on this…

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