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Traktor S4 and F1: bring these dj controllers together!

Traktor S4 and F1: bring these dj controllers together!

Native Instruments’ Traktor has become the software of choice for digital djs the world over. From people taking their first steps in the wide world of djing, djs moving from vinyl or CDJs to the laptop, as well as people who have been djing digitally for years and know the software inside-out, Traktor remains an industry standard tool.

The Native Instruments Traktor S4 and F1 Controllers

Never resting on their laurels however, Native Instruments have continued to develop and add functionality to Traktor. These days, the Traktor brand represents a complete software and hardware system, allowing djs to put together the setup that works for them and blurring the lines between djing, live performance and production.

Driving the Traktor

When you’ve been used to putting your fingertips on vinyl and crossfaders, the thought of moving to a digital dj setup may seem a bit ‘removed’. However, the range of control surfaces available these days means that, just by plugging in a USB cable or two, you can get the tactile control over your tracks and your mixes that you want, and do things that just aren’t possible with vinyl.

The Traktor S4 controller represents the most comprehensive one-stop-shop for your Traktor rig. With it’s built in soundcard, platters, plethora of knobs and faders and instant mapping with the Traktor software, it really is a breeze to set up. With just one USB connection into your computer you’re up and running, and the Traktor S4 will even run on USB power, although the displays are brighter if an external power supply is used.

Remix Decks

If you like to straddle those boundaries between ‘traditional’ djing and remixing on the fly, the addition of Traktor’s Remix Decks might interest you…

Holding up to 64 samples -loops or one shots- Remix Decks allow you to load up sets of samples, or capture loops from the Traktor playback decks and maps them to a Remix deck. Some artists are also making some of their tracks available as remix packs so, rather than ‘just’ playing their version of the track, you can perform your own remixes on the fly, throwing in breakdowns and drops in response to the crowd.

To really take advantage and control of the remix decks, Native Instruments introduced the Traktor F1, a pad-based controller with additional knobs, faders and buttons to enable you to get hands-on and tactile with all that remixing power. The pads are RGB lit so that they can provide feedback based on the colour-coding scheme you choose for your samples, making things as easy and intuitive as possible in those dimly-lit dj booths.

With Traktor and a controller or two, you can really get into your dj sets, break away from the computer, and work from the feel of the crowd. Right now, we have a great bundle offer on the Traktor S4 and Traktor F1: buy both together and save £49!

Before you know where you are, you’ll be seamlessly looping, effecting, mixing and remixing on the fly, and just having fun with the music. Which seems like what we should be doing when we’re in the booth…

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