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Boss RC505 looper, but not a pedal? – Musikmesse Preview

Boss RC505 looper, but not a pedal? – Musikmesse Preview

We always enjoy the run up to a music gear trade show, trying to predict what some of the new products to be unveiled might be. Sometimes we’re very wrong, sometimes we’re pretty close. We think our wish for a new analogue synth from Korg at NAMM wasn’t too wide of the mark, although we weren’t expecting a near-identical reissue of the classic MS-20!

This time, however, we’ve been given a bit of a helping hand, thanks to an anonymous source who dropped the phrase Boss RC505 into conversation. The “RC” suggests a looper pedal in the vein of the Boss RC300 but the “505” reminds us of one of Roland’s classic grooveboxes – the now defunct MC505.

A quick search later revealed this intriguing image:

Could this be a 505 looper?

With its bank of play/record buttons, it almost looks like a looper pedal, but where are the normal footswitches we associate with this sort of device? It almost looks like it’s designed for tabletop use. Could the Boss RC505 be the perfect device for electronic musicians with a couple of drum machines, synths and grooveboxes who don’t want to use a laptop on stage? Maybe a kind of hardware version of Ableton Live?

In a couple of weeks, we’ll know the answer…

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