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Stop whining! How to avoid tinnitus

Stop whining! How to avoid tinnitus

Are you one of those people who gets ringing in their ears …?

Like a quite a few others I suffer from a slight (at least I think it’s slight) very high-pitched ‘feedback-type’ squealing which comes and goes, now and again. It can be triggered by certain sounds or sometimes just appears out of the blue. Whether it’s a result of many year’s worth of wind-noise whilst motorcycling or the traditional rebellious teenage volume addiction I don’t know – probably a mixture of both.

Regularly rehearsing with a band can seriously damage your hearing if you don't protect yourself

Regularly rehearsing with a band can seriously damage your hearing if you don’t protect yourself

It was an article written by a doctor in a motorcycle magazine that first made aware it wasn’t just me but the problem was a medically recognised condition. Tinnitus or “tittyness” as I once mistakenly pronounced it, (though sadly it looks like I’ve now got that too!) seems to involve the brain turning up the ‘gain’ for the ear, creating an extra-sensitive threshold which is susceptible to misinterpreting both internal and incoming information. In extreme cases, like that documented by tinnitus sufferer and former broadcaster Jay Crawford on Radio Scotland recently, the condition can be severely disabling. My admiration goes out to those who determinedly try to carry on and find ways around the problem.

When you’re not using your earplugs to protect your precious hearing, you can lay them out in different ways to amuse yourself. Look! We made a tribal mask!

The motorcycling solution was simple – just use soft foam ear-plugs to cut out the noise – but obviously where musicians are concerned, they still need to hear what’s going on, in order to play. Thankfully there are now many different specialist ear-plugs on the market, specifically designed for this very application.

The vented option in the Doc’s Proplugs range are recommended for musicians (it doesn’t mention drummers) and although they look rather like something you might see in an Anne Summer’s catalogue, the Fender Musician Series represent good value for money.

From my motorcycling experiences, I would suggest experimenting to find which plugs suit your particular ear shape best.

Please do take tinnitus seriously. It’s an inescapable fact that a loud noise loadings, including even the most melodic of music, can damage your hearing and contrary to previous opinions you may have heard, the damage is very often permanent.

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