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Novation Launchpad S: universal, faster, brighter

Novation Launchpad S: universal, faster, brighter

The original Novation Launchpad was an instant success; from affordable grid-based control of Ableton Live to bespoke software monome-like emulation, the Launchpad proved itself to be a versatile controller, as many online videos attest. Now, Novation update the Launchpad and present the Launchpad S.

The New Novation Launchpad S

Choosing not to mess with the tried-and-tested formula that made the Launchpad such a hit, the Launchpad S gives us a series of small, but important upgrades. With brighter LEDs, a faster refresh rate and class-compliancy, the Launchpad S becomes plug-and-play and useable with a range of DAWs, including FL Studio.

Perhaps the most interesting update though, is the iPad compatibility and the new app. The Launchpad S can be connected to the iPad using the camera connection kit, and can be used to trigger samples and loops in the custom iPad application. We look forward to seeing a few videos on YouTube of people getting creative with that…

As with the original Launchpad though, we expect that the Launchpad S will be most at home as a controller for Ableton Live. With the Launchpad S and Ableton Live, you can do this:

And here is how you do it:

All in all then, it looks like the Novation Launchpad S picks up where the Launchpad left off, and at a price of just £149.99, it’s a very affordable route into grid-based control of Ableton Live.

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