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Digital Pianos with Roland: Piano made easy

Digital Pianos with Roland: Piano made easy

Digital pianos are great things, and Roland make some of the finest ones in front of which you can sit; but what if you aren’t yet a pianist? And what are the advantages of a digital piano over an acoustic piano? How can you put that digital piano technology to the best use?

Fortunately, Roland are here to help with their free ‘Piano made easy‘ sessions. From the 13th to 20th April 2013, in just thirty minutes they’ll explain “how technology can inspire you and keep you motivated”.

Digital Pianos at Red Dog Music- Roland's Piano Made Easy

With most people’s schedules these days, finding regular time for piano lessons can be a challenge, and staying motivated isn’t always as easy as we might like it to be. Fortunately though, modern technology can help. With the integrated features of some digital pianos, and other devices such as iPads, lessons and motivation may become less of a problem…

Curiosity piqued? Call (0131 229 8211) or email ( our resident Roland Planet Guru Dave Gardner and book your free thirty minute appointment today!


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