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Fender Standard Stratocaster Plus Top: mmmmm, nice.

Fender Standard Stratocaster Plus Top: mmmmm, nice.

I’m quite conservative when it comes to Strats, a bit of a traditionalist perhaps. However, walking past the Fender Select Stratocaster every day, I’m noticing that my glance is lingering on it a bit longer each time; I think I’m being won over. As beautiful as it is though, the price doesn’t quite dovetail with the thickness of my wallet right now. So, I’m quite pleased to see that Fender have announced the Standard Stratocaster Plus Top models.

Fender Standard Stratocaster Plus Top

Fender Standard Stratocaster Plus Top Left Hand

With a flame maple top over an alder body, the Fender Standard Stratocaster Plus Top guitars do look quite pretty, and are available in tobacco sunburst (with a rosewood fingerboard) or aged cherry burst (with a maple ‘board). Both are available as left-handed versions. An HSS model is also available, as is an HSS version with a Floyd Rose locking tremolo and a locking nut, so superstrat territory is covered too.

Stratocaster Plus Top Quack

Much like the Squier HSH Strat, the HSS versions employ some clever wiring to make sure you don’t lose those those classic in-between pickup Strat tones. With the pickup selector switch in position 2, the setting that gives you bridge and middle pickups, the Fender Standard Stratocaster Plus Top splits the humbucker into its component coils and just uses the front one, so you still get that iconic Stratocaster quack, but with the power of the full humbucker when you switch to the bridge pickup only.

The Standard Strat is such an icon, any changes to it are always going to be a talking point. If you check the discussion boards when Fender release a new version, there is always a lot of comment about people preferring a different style of bridge, or neck radius, so what about these? With the Standard Stratocaster Plus Top instruments, it looks like Fender have walked the tightrope perfectly, not replacing the Standard Strat, but offering some nice-looking alternatives.

We really do like the look of these guitars and will bring you more news once we have them in our hands!

Fender Staandard Stratocaster with locking tremolo

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