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Smartphone recording: watch your gig on a 3-inch screen

When I went to see U2’s PopMart concert at Wembley, it seemed as though the stage was about three miles away and Bono was a microscopic hobbit pacing around on stage in what appeared to be a dressing gown. So, in that situation, I felt I had the justification to watch most of the gig on the enormous video wall. These days though, it seems as though there are plenty of people who turn up at small gigs in wee clubs, are underwear-throwing distance from the stage, yet watch the show through the screen on their smartphone. An article on the BBC website about smartphone recording discusses just this very thing.

Smartphone concert recording

We can see both sides of the argument. On one hand, it can be very annoying to have your view spoiled by everybody in front of you holding up a mobile phone; you also hope that they all showered before coming out. And we can also see how watching large chunks of the gig through your screen might detach you emotionally from the performance. The flip side of the coin of course -if you don’t mind us mixing our metaphors- is that if its all down on video, then you can relive the experience on YouTube later.

What are your thoughts on smartphone recording? Are you a filmer? Do you want to go back to the days when the only things held aloft at gigs were lighters for the power ballads? Are you fed up with folks’ armpit scent? One thing is for sure, it’s probably not something that’s going to go away in a hurry…

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