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#music – What can Twitter do for music fans?

When Twitter bought the software company ‘We Are Hunted’ late last year, it looked like they might have something planned… It now looks as though we’re quite close to seeing the result of that acquisition: #music Twitter Music App.


The Twitter Music App #music

We Are Hunted developed a search technology that scoured the web for mentions of new music on blogs and social media, which it used to assemble lists and charts of emerging songs. With this search algorithm combined with the number of Twitter users, the average number of tweets they send and the growth in music streaming, #music could offer something genuinely interesting.

Of course, #music might not offer something genuinely interesting. It all depends on what people want it to be. Will new, exciting unsigned acts be able to compete against the latest songs trending from the likes of the highly followed Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber? Will #music be a way of discovering new acts, or just new tracks from major artists with the occasional Gangnam Style making an appearance?

Exposing new #music is up to you

Either way, we’re tentatively looking forward to see what #music offers and how it will be presented. #music is currently not yet up and running, but a placeholder page for the Twitter Music Service is up and running with a sign in button to get your account linked already. We imagine #music will be along soon, we just hope that it delivers some genuinely new and exciting content and really allows people to expand their musical horizons and uncover bands and artists that they might never have discovered.

The opportunity for #music to help us all discover new #music (see what we did there!) is there. While a lot is going to be down to implementation, it sounds as though the search function is driven by the users and the content generators. So, if you have over a hundred thousand followers on Twitter make sure you only talk about the latest unsigned folk-ska band from Mull, or that amazing brooding classical-shoegaze act from Kathmandu… you have the power!

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