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The Echo Nest gives you the power of Bonzo!

The Echo Nest gives you the power of Bonzo!

Perhaps the greatest drummer in the history of rock (although we expect significant debate on that point…) John Bonham wasn’t with us for long enough. However, with The Bonhamizer you can add the beats of Bonham to your music!

John Bonham and The Bonhamizer

Powered with technology from The Echo Nest, The Bonhamizer is one of a number of applications that do some impressive things with music. You’ll really need to be using Chrome or Safari as your browser as these are currently the only browsers that support the new web audio technology that these applications need.

Once you’ve added Bonzo to your tracks, why not choose your one favourite track to listen to for eternity on The Infinite Jukebox? Or play Queen snippets with the Bohemian Rhapsichord?

Away from the frivolities of the above applications, you could do worse than spend some time with Boil the Frog, which creates ‘a seamless playlist’ between two artists of your choice. This looks like a great way to perhaps discover some new music.

While some of these applications may seem a bit trivial, it will be interesting to see how the technology is developed in the future and what other new and exciting things may come from it…

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