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Maschine or Maschine Mikro owner or fan? Looky here!

Maschine or Maschine Mikro owner or fan? Looky here!

If you already have a Native Instruments Maschine or Maschine Mikro, or if it’s something you’ve been after, you might well be interested in this…

While Maschine and Mikro ship with an awesome range of kits and sounds, a few more never go astray, and NI’s own range of Maschine Expansions is a great way of putting a few more genre-specific kits in your studio. From hip-hop to dubstep, the Maschine Expansions integrate quickly and easily with Maschine and offer a wide range of samples that take you from bread and butter sounds to sources of inspiration that can form the basis of new tracks.

Native Instruments Maschine mk2

Now, for a limited 99 hours with the time running out on Friday 17th May at 3pm CET, you can pick up nine Maschine Expansions for just €99; a saving of 78% as Native Instruments present their On Cloud Nine offer!

The sounds and demo tracks are well worth a listen, and you never know what sort of creative period a few more sounds may spark, plus, hitting light-up pads just looks cool. Hurry up, the clock is ticking!

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