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What is a NanoMAG pickup?

What is a NanoMAG pickup?

If you’ve been perusing the specifications of guitars such as the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III, Ultra-339 or EJ-200CE, you may have heard of the Shadow NanoMAG pickup. Under-saddle piezo pickups are familiar to most, but what of this peculiar, end of the fingerboard pickup? Read on… Shadow NanoMAG Pickup Shadow say: “The NanoMAG’s low impedance output, responsible for an utterly noise-free signal with excellent dynamics, also maintains perfect balance among strings.  Low impedance signals, in contrast to high impedance, have the advantage of much greater power capacity, which makes them less sensitive to disturbances. In other words, low impedance signals deliver more power, less noise and, as a result, simply sound far and away superior to the rest.  The NanoMAG’s open sound thus carries over what is so essential to an acoustic feel:  overtones and harmonics of a completely natural sounding character. Pure acoustic!”

We say that, while playing an electric guitar with this pickup won’t convince a blindfolded audience that you’re playing a Martin, if you use a dedicated acoustic amp for the NanoMAG output, you can dial up some quite impressive tones. The ability to blend in the NanoMAG sound with your other pickups also adds to the tonal variety of your instrument, and that, we say, is a good thing!

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