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Cheese rolling cheese pun song names: the ultimate list!

Cheese rolling cheese pun song names: the ultimate list!

A celebration of cheese rolling

Yesterday, thousands of people gathered on a steep hill in Gloucestershire to watch some people chase after some cheese rolled down a hill. Except they didn’t as, for health and safety reasons, the traditional cheese rolling wheel of double Gloucester has been replaced by a foam replica.

You’d have thought that the bigger health and safety risk was from running down a steep hill and falling over, which you can do when you’re not even chasing anything, but there you go.

Of course, if you’re standing at the bottom with over 100 Newton seconds of cheese coming towards you, you may disagree… Anyway, to celebrate this festival of Britishness (even though the first race was won by an American and the second by an Australian) we need your help!

Cheese pun song titles to celebrate cheese rolling

What better way to celebrate a wonderful day of cheese-rolling than with some fantastic (and some not so fantastic) cheese-related pun song titles! We’ll get the cheese rolling with a few, but get posting your suggestions in the comments! Let’s make this page the web’s go-to place for people in need of a cheese-pun song title! Let’s make this page worthy of the great Gloucestershire pastime of cheese rolling!

Getting the cheese rolling party started!

Placebo- Limburger Queen

David Bowie – Starmanchego

De La Soul- Halloumi, Myself and I

REM- Paneer Wild Heaven

The Animals – We Gouda Get Out of This Place

Bros –  Catupiry Among the Pigeons

Neil Sedaka – Breaking Up Is Yarg To Do

Rocket From The Crypt- Cut Caerphilly and Play Loud

Chris de Burgh- Lady in Red Leicester

George Jones- I Still Hold Her Body (But I Think I’ve Double Gloucester Mind)

Led Zeppelin- Gruyere Mak’er

Radiohead- Stinking Bishop’s Robes

Swing Out Sister- Better Make it Feta

New Order- Danish Blue Monday (That said, there is actually a cheese called ‘Blue Monday’ named after the song, thank you Alex James!)

Parov Stelar- Roquefort

The Beatles- Maxwell’s Silver Leerdammer

The Smiths – I Started Something I Couldn’t Finn

Soundgarden- Parlick Fell On Black Days

The Clash – Gammelost in the Supermarket

U2- I Stilton Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

The Traveling Wilburys- Handle With Caerphilly

Corrina Joseph- Live your Life With Brie

Over to you…

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