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Ultimate Custom Guitar Comment Winners!

Ultimate Custom Guitar Comment Winners!

Well, it’s probably about time to end the suspense and announce the winners of our our ultimate custom guitar comment competition!

There were some interesting, and some very specific, custom guitar specifications; some were certainly more ‘niche’ than others, but certainly show that guitarists can be quite specific with their instrument wishlists!

How would you design your custom guitar?

It must make things quite difficult for the manufacturers, who need to make their guitars appeal to a large enough market. That may explain why so many ‘custom’ guitars are variations on a them, such as the custom colour finish on the Pelham Blue Les Paul, or the flame maple on the Fender Standard Stratocaster Plus Top. Classic instruments with a broad appeal, given a twist, but without having to design an entire new production line to build them!

On the other side of the customisation coin, there’s nothing to stop you grabbing a standard model guitar and making the changes yourself: new pickups, new tuners or hardware, you can really go to town. Perhaps we’re not so keen on that approach though… we often like our guitars to stay original, maybe we’re thinking about resale value?

Anyway, without further ado, we thank you for all your great suggestions, but the winners of the Epiphone electric guitar accessory pack are:

Matt Durkin

Jaimie Alexander Patel

Lewis Harvey

Thank you everyone for your comments, and if the winners want to message us on Facebook with their details, we’ll get those shipped out!


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