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Reason 7 Workshop! Production and mixing masterclass instore!

Reason 7 Workshop! Production and mixing masterclass instore!

We’re hosting another event and, to celebrate this great opportunity to learn all sorts of wonderful things about Propellerhead’s Reason 7, we’ll try and give you seven reasons to come along to Reason 7 Producer Focus Live!

Reason 7 Producer Focus event at Red Dog Music in Edinburgh - See more at:

Reason 7 one

Maybe you are a complete newcomer to audio production and you’ve heard about this ‘Reason’ thing being the only piece of software you need to start producing (you hear right!) and you want to find out more. This event is for you, sign up!

Reason 7 two

Have you been making music for some time? No stranger to production? Work in Logic or Pro Tools and aren’t sure what Reason can offer? This event is for you, sign up!

Reason 7 three

Did you embrace Reason when it was released, played with it a bit and left it on the back burner, or maybe you are still using an early version. Not sure what has been going on in the world of that mighty virtual rack and not sure what benefits there are of upgrading to Reason 7? This event is for you, sign up!

Reason 7 four

Are you a ‘proper’ old school producer? Got a few bits of outboard hardware that you use for your house and techno productions? A drum machine,  a couple of synths, sequencer, sampler perhaps? Ever wondered what it would be like to preserve a similar workflow but be able to carry your studio around with you on a laptop? Maybe you wish you had additional instances of your gear that you could immediately call up? This event is for you, sign up!

Reason 7 five

Are you already a Reason ninja? Producing catchy, memorable slices or pop or dance perfection? Feel like that final mix step is what is limiting the success of your productions? This event is for you, sign up!

Reason 7 six

Have you wanted to reap the benefits of the experience of a world-renowned mix engineer? This event is for you, sign up!

Reason 7 seven

Have you ever wanted to see a pheasant play a kazoo? This event is for you, sign up!*

*One of these reasons may not actually be true so we’ll throw in another. If you think you know everything about Reason 7, how confident are you about that? Less than 100% confident, then this event is for you, sign up and perhaps you can learn a thing or two from Reason expert Mattias Häggström Gerdt.

Any questions? Get in touch! We’ll see you there…

Propellerhead Reason 7 at Red Dog Music

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