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Marshall Custom Offset – limited edition, unlimited tone!

Marshall Custom Offset – limited edition, unlimited tone!

You may have seen the Marshall Custom Offset head and cab ministack unveiled at Musikmesse or, alternatively, you may not. However, the words in the name give you a clue: custom- suggests custom shop and offset gets you thinking about something perhaps not being in the middle, a hint of playful asymmetry perhaps.

From this simple deconstruction, we can already get an idea of what the Marshall Custom Offset might be all about, and the picture confirms your suspicions:

Marshall Custom Offset at Red Dog Music

London days

A drummer by trade, Jim Marshall opened his drum shop in Hanwell, London, in 1962. With some delicate nudging from a few guitarists, he went into the guitar amplifier business, and the rest, as they say, is history. Using the Fender Bassman as inspiration, a series of prototypes and changes to the circuit design led to the JTM45. And it is to the sound of the JTM45 that Marshall turned for the Custom Offset. Those circuit tweaks and alterations-which began the evolution of the famous Marshall crunch- weren’t the only changes. While amplifiers, such as those from Fender and Vox, were combo designs, Marshall gave us the separate head and cabinet. And, again, it’s that iconic layout that the Custom Offset uses.

Custom Offset head

The Marshall Custom Offset is a 1W amp that can be run at a mere 0.1W to get all that classic crunch at volumes that won’t lead to a visit from the council with their SPL meter. With a no-nonsense front panel comprising a hole to plug your guitar in (well, the cable anyway) a power switch and ‘loudness’ (we think they mean volume) and tone knobs, you won’t get lost in tweakery, you’ll just enjoy the sound.

And, with no channel switching, complicated 4-band tone stacks or other gubbins in the Marshall Custom Offset head, there is less to get in the way of your signal. It will feel like your fingers are connected directly to those ECC83 (12AX7) and ECC82 (12AU7) valves, but without the inherent electrical hazards, obviously.

Marshall Custom Offset at Red Dog Music

Custom Offset cab

And what better way to move the air than the beautiful matching Marshall Custom Offset matching cabinet! It’s certainly much nicer in both looks and construction than that last sentence. With its 10″ Celestion speaker and handmade grille cloth, this cab will get that Marshall valve tone out there sweetly and look good doing it!

Custom Offset limited!

With a one-time production run and only 100 of these sure to be collectible mini-stacks coming to the UK, these beauties aren’t likely to hang around long so give us a call today to talk about the Marshall Custom Offset Stack today!


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