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Pro Tools for beginners – we trawl the tutorials!

Pro Tools for beginners – we trawl the tutorials!

We’ve all gone a bit Pro Tools crazy recently. With the recent release of Pro Tools 11 and the Avid Fast Track Solo and Fast Track Duo interfaces, which come bundled with Pro Tools Express and an iLok key, there’s perhaps never been a better time to get onboard with the industry standard DAW, but a new DAW can often be intimidating. So, today, we separate the online wheat from the chaff to bring you some of the finest Pro Tools for beginners tutorials we can find.

From our secret (1 Grassmarket) lair in Edinburgh, coming to you around the world via superinformationcarryingphoton technology, we have the guides to get you recording!

Pro Tools for Beginners

If you’re new to recording, or new to Pro Tools after earning your production chops in another DAW, Pro Tools might look a bit intimidating when you first fire it up. Really though, it’s not.

Pro Tools for Beginners at red Dog Music in Edinburgh

I had never used Pro Tools until last week. I started out on Cubase, then moved onto Ableton Live and Reason. However, I thought it was about time I took the plunge… I watched a few of these videos, and was recording multi-input sessions from my interface within a few minutes. There is a lot to learn with a program such as this, but, fortunately, whatever you want to do, someone’s probably made a tutorial about it!

From the Pro Tools tutorial hunters of Edinburgh, to you…

Given that Pro Tools is the DAW of choice for so many people, there is a wealth of information available online, which can be a bit of a trawl to go through to uncover the hidden gems. Never fear though, as your friendly Edinburgh music shop has started the hard work and will keep on doing it! Make sure and check this page regularly as we’ll keep updating it when we come across new Pro Tools gold. And, if you have any Pro Tools questions, get it in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer!

Getting started and before:

This great tutorial is a fantastic place to start. If you’re firing up Pro Tools for the first time, watch this and you’ll be recording straight away. While it uses Pro Tools 9, the interface hasn’t changed too much, so you’ll be fine for Pro Tools 10 or 11.

The only thing I didn’t get at first was, that I didn’t see the box to select which inputs were going to my audio tracks. That was easily solved by clicking the following button, which allows you to select what you see by each track:

Pro Tools for Beginners- Track view options

This is another useful starting out video. It overlaps a lot with the previous one, but does mention a few more bits and pieces such as the mix window.

This next video gives a nice overview of the differences between MIDI and instrument tracks in Pro Tools, and takes you through getting a software instrument set up:

Editing in Pro Tools

This is an excellent video, the pace is quite fast so make sure that your mouse hovers over the pause button, but some great insight into editing audio in Pro Tools and getting your head around a lot of the shortcuts to speed up your workflow:

Pitch and time in Pro Tools

This tutorial is a nice, straightforward introduction to tempo and the conductor track in Pro Tools:

MIDI in Pro Tools

The video below (although made using Pro Tools LE) will give you an overview of editing MIDI information in Pro Tools using the MIDI editor window.

This video, although it focuses on MIDI drum programming, is a good introduction to MIDI programming in Pro Tools and using some of the myriad keyboard shortcuts Pro Tools has to offer!

This is not the end!

We will keep working on this article and keep it updated as new tutorials become available. Hopefully the tutorials will be enough to get you started and making recordings in Pro Tools. Stay tuned!

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