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Traktor DJ App free today! Perfect for your Traktor Z1!

Traktor DJ App free today! Perfect for your Traktor Z1!

If you’ve got a Traktor Z1 digital dj controller you may have noticed a funny little cable that comes with it. Not the regular USB cable, you’ve probably used that already, but the other one. That, apparently, is the cable for some sort of magical touch-screen device called an ‘iPad’ (or iPhone, or iPod Touch…).

I’ve got a brand new Traktor

If you’re a dj who has embraced the digital world, or if you enjoy your choons (banging or otherwise) but haven’t (yet?) been spinning them out, then Native Instruments have a wee treat for you…

For today only, you can grab the Traktor digital dj app for your iOS device FOR FREE!

Traktor Z1 and Traktor F1 at Red Dog Music

The Traktor Z1 and Traktor F1 controllers

We in Red Dog Towers have done just that, and had a wee play. All was easy to download and install, and we got plugged into the Traktor Z1, it was recognised immediately, and we were mixing on our phone! That, people, is really quite cool.

Also, and a thumbs up to Native Instruments for thinking this through, the Traktor Z1 comes with an included power supply, which allows you to charge your iPhone or iPad when it’s connected. No need to worry about running out of juice when you’re up for that big six hour set!

While this may not be your standard rig for those headline sessions in the booths of those superclubs around the globe, if you’re headed ’round to a friend’s knees up and they’re playing Now That’s What I Call a New Romantic Party: Volume VII, you can quickly get set up with the crafty bag-sized rig of a Traktor Z1 and your phone, and treat them to a proper night of deep balearic rave. Or whatever your personal preference may be…

Traktor Z1 to go

The Traktor Z1 is a pretty neat piece of gear as it is, and has certainly slotted right into my laptop-based dj rig for eq and crossfader control, but partnered with the iOS Traktor app, it becomes something else. Something fun, and something very immediate.

Go forth and download the Traktor app now and, as Native Instruments would say ‘Touch the Groove‘. We’ve got a Traktor Z1 hooked up and ready to go in our recently revamped studio and digital dj corner, so if you want to see how simply you can take to the crossfader, and you happen to be in Edinburgh, come on in and spend some time with it!

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