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Originals vs Covers: Burn In Hell

Originals vs Covers: Burn In Hell

The jukebox in my brain cycles through various tracks during hot weather. The first sunny day hits repeat on Jazzy Jeff / Fresh Prince’s “Summertime”. The soundtrack to warm weekends in the meadows has to be Booker T’s “Soul Limbo” – total bat, ball & beer day-dream music. More than a couple of days of good weather and I’m all about “Lowrider” by War. However, during heatwaves like this my peculiar mind focusses on the impeding sun-doom in a rather abstract way: We’re gonna burn in hell.

The original: Twisted Sister

From “Stay Hungry”, 1984

The weatherman says: “Mostly warm with a few dry spells, although Twisted Sister play the track in Peewee Herman… You can’t really beat that in the totally bizarre factor, can you?”

The cover: Dimmu Borgir

From “Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia”, 2001

The weatherman says: “Hot, hot, HOT! That solo’s a scorcher!”

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