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Maton acoustic guitars- Top end acoustics from Down Under

Maton acoustic guitars- Top end acoustics from Down Under

When you think of high-end acoustic guitars, your first thoughts probably turn to Martin, Gibson or Taylor. Now, all those companies make some incredible instruments, but part of the reason you know about them is because of their scale. Usually about 25″ or so. Ha! Anyway, what about a Maton acoustic guitar; heard of them?

Seriously though, while Martin, Gibson and Taylor make some great guitars, could you be missing out on some other fantastic quality acoustic guitarsif you don’t cast your net as wide? Well, we now have Maton acoustic guitars in stock, and they are definitely worth trying out…

From Elvis in Jailhouse Rock, Tommy Emmanuel, George Harrison and Keith Potger of The Seekers, to Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme, Luke Pritchard of The Kooks, Ben Harper and even The Wiggles, Maton guitars have entertained millions of people around the world!

Maton acoustic guitars at Red Dog Music

From starting out as a guitar maker and instrument repair business founded by Bill May, early success led to bringing on his brother Reg full-time and the Maton Musical Instruments Company coming into being in 1946. The continued success of the [still] family-run business led to two moves of the factory to larger premises as international demand for Maton guitars continued to grow.

In particular, Maton acoustic guitars are well renowned amongst those in-the-know. From the portability of the Maton EML6 Mini, to the stunning EBG808TE electro, the Maton acoustic guitar range offers a spectacular selection of very high quality acoustic guitars!

From fingerstyle playing to strumming, it’s difficult to talk about the playability and the sound of Maton acoustic guitars without spouting all those words you’re probably sick to death of hearing: warm yet clear and sparkling, smooth, great projection, all those things.

Basically though, hyperbole aside, what it comes down to is that Maton acoustic guitars are great instruments that you want to pick up and play. And that’s what an acoustic guitar is about, isn’t it…?

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