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Avid Pro Tools 11- Maximise your sessions with 64-bit!

Avid Pro Tools 11- Maximise your sessions with 64-bit!

With the release of Pro Tools 11, Avid made the move to 64-bit. Why should you care? Well, first and foremost, it removes another determining factor for the size and scope of your sessions, as Avid explain:

Now, the number of audio clips in your project is determined only by the amount of RAM you have installed in your system. With 32-bit, that was limited to 3-4 Gb or so (determining on hardware addressing protocols, how the operating system allocated things etc).

With 64 bit, the theoretical limit is in the order of exabytes (which is really a lot), so let’s just say that it is more RAM than you can currently fit inside your computer.

Pro Tools 11 at London and Edinburgh's friendly Red Dog Music

More RAM is also perfect if you run a lot of software instruments that use large sample libraries. If you’re working on an orchestral project, wouldn’t it be nice to have all those high-resolution sample libraries loaded into RAM? Yes, of course it would.

With Pro Tools 11, every ‘engine’ of the application has received an update: audio, video, automation, you name it, it’s been improved!

For more information on Pro Tools 11, whether you’re an established veteran or are just putting together your first home studio, get in touch or call into our Edinburgh or -really very soon now!- our London showroom in Clapham and speak to one of our friendly recording specialists.



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