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From student to rock star: 5 ways to build a career in music while at uni

From student to rock star: 5 ways to build a career in music while at uni

Student life is tough. You’re expected to combine 30 minutes a week of studying for a degree in some dry academic subject with drinking copious amounts of subsidised booze, sleeping until late afternoon, ostentatiously carousing with members of the opposite sex who are in their physical prime and keen to experiment, and eating beans on toast.

Student Rock Star

What’s more, you’ll come out of this whole experience with nothing but an irrevocably damaged liver, a smorgasbord of venereal diseases, and a universally recognised qualification in a respected discipline, expressly designed to stand you in good stead for a professional job.

What good will this do you? None, that’s what.  The real money’s in being a rock star.*

So we’ve put together this guide to help you use the facilities at your disposal to do real work: producing and performing music.

1. Turn your shower into a vocal booth

What are showers good for? All they do is get you wet. They’re rubbish. However, with a bit of work they can be turned into something actually useful: a vocal booth.

You will need:

2. Set your laptop up for recording

Your parents wouldn’t want the laptop they took out a second mortgage to buy wasted on such trivial activities as writing essays. It should be co-opted and put to work in the pursuit of a higher goal: making tunes.

You will need:

University student rock star

3. Turn the kitchen into a DJ booth

In most student halls, the kitchen is a dangerous place to go: home to perilously tall piles of unwashed dishes, and cause of arguments between cohabitants, it is clearly a liability and should be banned.

What should you put in its place? A DJ booth. Why? Because dancing to banging tunes unites people, and the kitchen is generally off the corridor, where most people sit in clubs anyway. What’s more, the kitchen units double as a stand for your decks.

You will need:

Students play the guitar!

4. Get together with your flatmates and play guitar

What’s better than one person playing a guitar solo? 10 people playing a guitar solo simultaneously. Wait a second… That’s wrong. But if you hadn’t noticed yet, we’re subtly trying to encourage you to buy stuff, so let’s just pretend that lots of people playing the guitar at the same time is a good thing.  Ok? Thanks.

You will need:

5. Use your student loan to invest in an electronic drum kit

One of the key features of electronic drum kits is that they can be played in near-silence with the aid of headphones. What your flatmates won’t tell you is that they can also be played louder than the loudest acoustic drum kit with the aid of the speakers you bought for DJing in the kitchen.

There’s no better way of broadcasting your rhythmic dexterity than simply being significantly louder than anyone within a 50 mile radius. Record company executives will hear you and sign you on the spot, if only to shut you up.

You will need:


* Fame, fortune and rock star glory not guaranteed; your popularity may go down as well as up.

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